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Professional support for
sewer spill response and compliance
Introducing SERP Services, your dedicated partner for addressing sanitary sewer spill response, compliance and training. Through telephone and email support, timely reminders, plan reviews, and comprehensive training, we can help ensure that your team is well-equipped to implement your Spill Emergency Response Plan in compliance with California regulations and best practices.
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Live Online Training

Unlimited staff registrations for three classes per year: Spill Volume & Start Time Determination, CIWQS for the Data Submitter and LRO, Surface Water Sampling and Annual Report Preparation.

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Telephone & Email Support

24-hour response time Monday -Friday
for phone and email support regarding sanitary sewer spills, surface water sampling, and Cal/OSHA compliance questions.

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Compliance Assistance

Receive training on completing and submitting both annual reports required by the SWRCB, an annual review of your SERP, and a 25% discount on new SERP development.

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Sewer backup in residential bathroom
Worker descending into manhole
Crew completing street construction and repairs
Workers by service truck and manhole
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Sewer overflow in street
Worker washing down sewage in street
Hose leading into in confined space
Sewer backed up and flooding into bedroom


annual MEMBERSHIP includes

  • Live Online Training: Send all of your team members to five live online trainings per year on Spill Volume & Start Time Determination, CIWQS for the Data Submitter & LRO, Surface Water Sampling, Completing & Submitting the Required February Annual Report, and Completing & Submitting the Required April Annual Report. Bonus Course for 2024: CWEA TCP Prep Course - Collection System Maintenance for Grade 1 & 2 Candidates.
  • Four Hours SERP Support: Phone and email support for Spill Emergency Response Plan activities such as category determination, volume estimation, start time determination, CalOES reporting, and addressing residential backups.
  • Two Hours Cal/OSHA Support: Email support for questions about CalOSHA compliance such as confined space entry procedures, traffic control set up, forklift authorization, and training requirements.
  • One Hour Surface Water Sampling Support: Email support for questions about water sampling requirements for each category of sanitary sewer spill.
  • SERP Review: Annual Review of your agency's Spill Emergency Response Plan. If you don't have a plan we will offer you a 25% discount on a SERP customized to your agency.
  • Report Reminders: Annual reminders of the two required annual reports, which are due in February and April.
  • Report Training: Two annual training sessions on completing and submitting the required annual reports.
  • TrainingLink Basic Subscription: Live online bi-weekly tailgate training, hundreds of hours of on-demand training content, robust training records management, and more for all of your employees. Click here for details.

See how much you can save with a SERP Services membership:

Cost savings with SERP Subscription: $4536 savings for 10 employees, $10,276 savings with 20 employees, and $26,896 savings with 50 employees.


SERP Services experts are your go-to support for all questions about sewer spill volume estimation, spill category determination, start time determination, WDR/SWRCB compliance, and CalOSHA regulations.
Andy Morrison, SERP Expert

Andy Morrison

Andy Morrison has been in wastewater collections since 1982, starting as Sewer Maintenance Worker, he has worked for a city, a county, and a special district performing all aspects of Collection System Operations and Maintenance. When he retired in 2014, he was the manager of the Collection Services Work Group for Union Sanitary District, a multi-award winning agency. Andy is a recognized leader in the industry, holds a CWEA Grade IV in Collections, and was a contributing author to many best management practices manuals.

Sam Rose, SERP Expert

Sam Rose

Sam Rose has 35 years of experience in all aspects of Collection System Operations and Maintenance. He started as a temporary laborer in 1985 and held many positions throughout his career, in both Engineering and Operations. He has experience working with regulators and has provided WDR, LRO and SERP compliance training to the staff of many collection system agencies throughout California. Sam has a bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University and stays involved in the industry through his consulting business providing training, work program development and compliance reviews.

David Patzer, CalOSHA and Water Sampling Expert

David Patzer

David Patzer has over 30 years of experience in Public Works, specializing in wastewater related issues. David is recognized as a leading trainer and professional speaker in the public sector. He is called upon by public agency risk pools, professional associations, cities and special districts. to speak and train on safety, risk management and compliance issues. David is the Risk Control Advisor for CSRMA, a risk pool of 60 wastewater utilities throughout California, and a Managing Partner of DKF Solutions Group, LLC.

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